On July 20, 2019 the iHolla Conference was founded and as it was initially slated to be a conference to hear great preaching, an educational concept had surfaced. Preachers teaching preachers various styles of preaching. While this moment took place, another important aspect of the conference was formed. Dr. Robert E. Rodgers is a prince of preachers and this conference would have not been successful if it were not for him. The term “iHolla” was created when he told me that “Whenever you preach, you got to ‘Holla’.” Being a master of the art of preaching, Dr. Robert Rodgers absolutely set the tone for conference and because of it, The Dr. Robert E. Rodgers “Holla Session” was founded. This moment of preaching is not just for a senior statesman of the Gospel, but it is for the preacher who has been used wholeheartedly by the Lord as His chosen orator. I am indeed honored to be connected to Dr. Rodgers and the Holla Session will always be blessed because he is attached to it.